Beautiful, Healthy Smiles...

Preventative Care

Dental cleanings for your children starting as early as the arrival of your child's first tooth

  • Personalized hygiene instructions for each child

  • A dental cleaning using flavored toothpaste to clean and polish the teeth

  • Fluoride treatment to help prevent the formation of cavities by re-mineralizing the teeth

  • Digital radiographs taken once per year to ensure no cavities form between the teeth and on an as needed basis for problem-focused areas

  • A dental exam to diagnose treatment and provide a customized plan of action

  • A panoramic x-ray taken as needed to provide a full view of the mouth and expose potential problems

  • Space maintainers are utilized to allow for the eruption of permanent teeth when baby teeth have been extracted prematurely due to extensive decay

Operative Care

A visit to the dentist to restore problem teeth and prevent further decay

  • Individualized treatment geared toward each child's specific needs

  • Flavored topical anesthesia and gentle injections

  • Simple extractions when teeth cannot be saved or it enables a permanent tooth to erupt more easily

  • Composite (white) fillings for single and multiple surfaces*

  • Pulpotomies for baby teeth when a cavity is deep and affects the nerve

  • Stainless steel crowns and composite crowns

  • Composite build-ups for broken or chipped front teeth

  • Partial dentures for children with missing front teeth

*Our office does not offer amalgam (silver) fillings. When billing insurance,  the insurance company may substitute an alternate benefit for a posterior composite (white) filling and charge the patient the difference. We will send out a predetermination if requested by the patient.

Other Services

Behavioral management, methods of relaxation, and recommemdations

  • Recommendations for orthodontics as your child's mouth develops, baby teeth are shed and permanent teeth come in

  • Nitrous Oxide "Laughing Gas" for children with mild anxiety

  • Minimal conscious sedation for children with higher anxiety

  • Children with special needs are treated with experience and understanding

  • Children with emergencies are treated with urgency and recommended to specialists when the need arises a kid-friendly, convenient environment

For Kids

  • Books and electronic tablets are available for interactive play.

  • When your child's visit is cavity free, their picture is posted on our Smile Club board for all to see.

  • In addition you may enter your child in our Patient of the Month drawing for an opportunity to win a free gift card. If allowed, we will feature your child on our Facebook page. We have given away iTunes cards, movie tickets, and other special treats.

  • Each treatment room features an underwater mural by a local artist to brighten our patient's day as well as provide a fun atmosphere for our team.

  • Our fluorescent light covers are also fun for kids. While they are sitting in the dental chair, they will see island views, butterflies, pets, and underwater ocean scenes.

For Parents

  • Comfortable, cozy seating

  • Cable TV and magazines available

  • Free Wi-Fi available

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Onsite voice translation available in 70 languages

  • Most insurances accepted*

  • Insurance networks include Dentemax, Connection Dental, ADN, Cigna & Careington

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit accepted

  • 15% discount for cash patients

  • Interest free payment plans

*Payment and insurance co-payments are due at time of service and are estimated based on the information available. Patient is responsible for all remaining balances unpaid by insurance.


Our Smile Club

Brush and floss regularly to maintain your beautiful smile and you will be featured in our Smile Club. We have really great patients and love to highlight their successes. Each child will carry away a little souvenir bag of goodies when you bring them in for their checkups every six months.

Not only is our display space used for our patients but also their creative artwork! We have some fantastic artists that visit us, and we are so honored to post their wonderful pictures about visiting the dentist and maintaining their teeth.